Can I marry a foreign partner of the same gender in Belgium?

"I met my partner online.  She is Iraqi. It's really not easy to be a lesbian there. I would love to marry her and have a family here.


You can marry your foreign partner in Belgium, even if they have the same gender as you. This is only possible if you:

  • are a Belgian citizen,
  • have your official residence in Belgium,
  • or have your "habitual residence" in Belgium for at least three months. Habitual residence does not have to be legal residence.

Belgium does not take into account the legislation of your partner's country. For example, if that law prohibits marriage between two people of the same gender, it does not matter. 


You must still respect Belgian public order. This means that marriages involving minors or multiple partners are not possible in Belgium, even if the national law of one of the future spouses allows it.

More information can be found in the section on marriage on Belgium's foreign affairs website.


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